Welcome to the 3D Wood Sign Home page. We specialize in high quality dimensional wood signs through professional design, manufacture, and install services. Also, we offer other sign options besides wood. 3D Wood Sign celebrates 5 years of quality service since 2012 and we have moved! We have moved so we can better serve Western Wisconsin.

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Our goal is to add value to your business with quality made sign solutions. Most signs are flat with no depth but we make signs that enhance and differentiate your brand from the competition. We strive to work closely with you to understand your needs to help accomplish your sign goals. A quality dimensional sign will provide many years of advertisement service.

“Your sign is your voice on the street. It communicates with passing pedestrians and motorists. It convinces them to come through your doors and do business with you.”  

International Sign Association | http://www.signs.org/Resources/Signage101.aspx

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About Us


In the summer of 2011, Paul Martin started building a CNC router for his woodworking hobby. The project took about 5 months to completely build the machine from the ground up. His first project was a small wood sign for his parents farm in central Wisconsin.


This was the beginning of a longer journey and then the launch of a new business venture. In 2012, 3rd Dimension Wood Sign opened for business. Our name was changed to 3D Wood Sign for simplicity. Our focus is centered on Design, Manufacture, and Installation service for businesses. We serve business, residential, retail, and restaurant locations with high quality unique sign applications.

Our Passion is Dimensional Signs! From Design to Manufacturing to Installation

We meet with our clients to come up with a solution to their signage needs. Permitting and a site survey is conducted to determine the requirements for proper sign placement. Once we gather this information, the design work will begin. We work closely with our client to produce a high quality sign solution for their application. Design is the critical element that will make a sign memorable to viewers. If the design is done right, it will capture attention and foster a strong brand image for the organization. Once the design is approved for production, the fabrication work can begin. Our shop is equipped with modern day tools to accomplish each task to our clients specifications. Internal capabilities include, CNC Router, standard woodworking tools, and painting equipment. Completed sign(s) can be professionally installed at your convenience.

Our Team

Paul Martin – Owner/Manager

about-paul-profilePaul has a passion for Engineering and woodworking. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stout in 2016 with a degree in Engineering Technology Electrical Concentration. His technical work includes designing, building, and programming the CNC router that is used at 3D Wood Sign. He is employed full time as a Systems Engineer working with automated manufacturing equipment.

In his time away from Engineering, he works at 3D Wood Sign in several roles that keep the business running smoothly. He handles the day to day operations of managing each aspect of the business, interacts with clients, and takes time to develop new ideas within the organization. He enjoys meeting in face to face with clients and helping them accomplish their sign goals.

When he is not working, he enjoys time with his family and serving his local church. He and his wife, Holly, have one son named Lincoln.





  • Design: We start with the foundation; design and layout of the sign. Sign layout is critical to visibility and presence of any sign and cannot be overlooked in the beginning of the project. The sign design and look is your first impression on any customer you are trying to reach. Oftentimes it is the focal point on a store front of a building. We offer sign design and can send proofs for updates/changes before any materials are ordered. Saving time and money in the long run.
  • Fabrication: This is where the rubber meets the road. By taking blank stock and tuning it into a 3 dimensional shape with textures, depth, shapes, and lettering. Carving gives much more depth than simply painting on a flat sign blank and allows details to look much more realistic.
  • Installation: We offer sign installation for an hourly rate if you would like you sign professional installed.


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